Rogue Markers not showing on top of POE trade list

I am trying to sell some Rogue Markers in Currency Tab or even Premium Tab, but doesn't matter how low I price them, I can't see them on the top of the the list on the POE trade website. It was working fine last week, but I couldn't get them to show this week. When I search by account name, I can find them on the website.

Is there a way to prevent the item from showing up on trade website? Not sure if I did something by accident.

Thanks for your help in advance.
Last bumped on Mar 11, 2021, 8:57:19 PM
any way to fix this?
There is probably a rounding down or other limit for item price, your 42/25000 stack is not priced. 10/6700 should work.
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Tried lowering it to 17/10000, doesn't seem to work
having same problem, does it have a fix now?
no fix yet, please let me know if anyone knows how to fix it.
is there no fix to this? will it happen next league?
You could add "trade website" tag to the thread, this is the way.

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