Is there a good resource for Harvest crafting as it is implemented in the game today?

Most of the wiki refers to when the league was active and I was not playing at that time so its all new to me. Thanks
Last bumped on Feb 27, 2021, 2:18:46 AM
What kind of information are you looking for? In Harvest league, you had to plant your own garden and there were some intricacies when it came to that.

The current harvest is as easy as it gets. You go in, you get presented by 2 fields of plants and what kind of crafting options they will give you, you choose the one you want, you kill the monsters, and now you have the crafts. You can use the crafts, or store the crafts (limited to 10 crafts), and thats about it.
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Great thanks, I had assumed there was something more which is why I was asking.
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