I uninstalled the path of exile

it is very good game, but the performance is horrible in end game

the new expansion can't really be used in the on the console, the framerate is unplayable

in valdo:

map tier 16 + harbinger = 10 fps

map tier 16 corrupted + harbinger = 8 fps

map tier 16 corrupted + harbinger + delirium = 5 fps

map tier 16 corrupted + harbinger + delirium + beyond + anarchy = 1 fps.

normal (white) maps are "playable", but when given bonuses, performance noticeably worsens more with new expansion

it's a shame, it's a very good expansion
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I'm going to assume you have a base XBO, because it runs like a dream on the series X.
uber atziri is also unplayable 10 fps in fight with freeze, same sirus freeze-> death . its bad joke
Odd. I have Xbox series x on a gig connection and lag, freeze, crash to Xbox screen and such are still happening. The delays with loading textures is now a pain in the ars as well. The only real plus is that is it better than Xbox one, but that isn’t saying much at this point.

I did a 10 mob maven and literally watched a slide show for 2 minutes. The good side - I could now see the attacks.
Valdos area with harbingers and minions is unplayable - again, it’s just a slide show.

I think many of the issues are due to the characters...my necro build suffers horribly and other say they have no issues.

Anyway, the lack of any updates for consoles is telling. Our updates are just cut and paste from PC. I almost wish they would remove the port at this point - it doesn’t seem there is any support on their side so we suffer thru the mess.
Perhaps a wise idea to uninstall it. Maybe you get back the day you get yourself a new Xbox Series X or S. Anyway, taking a break for a while can do you good.

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