[Console] Winners of The Maven Kill Event

The Maven Kill Event on console concluded last week which means it’s time to announce the winners! The players below have won a microtransaction bundle from the list found here.

Xbox - Top 7 Maven Kills, Ritual SSF League
  • ImToxic8998, Yoda Nobunaga, Ace4617, ImperfectGnat55, ReignerRuler, Marcelo Leibniz, TatamiKuo

PlayStation - Top 10 Maven Kills, Ritual SSF League
  • therealvietkong, Bluddele, shawn_33179, Shade_AU, BecauseImFatman, kzl_91, TTlemon654, binkf, jerkonson, jkmgrhn

Congratulations to you all! We’ll contact you soon to arrange your prizes.

We have randomly selected 100 players who killed the Maven across all versions of the Ritual league to receive one Warlord Mystery Box. We will send you a confirmation via private message on the forum if you have won.

Congratulations again to all the winners! Thank you all for participating in the event!
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