"Allocate Uncharted Realm Passivs"!

Don't worry about that guy. He lives to post in here lol.

About your situation, seems like a bug and apparently others are experiencing it too.

I am sure that GGG will look into it.

Have a good day!

Yeh... hopefully next patch or some... have a good 1 to!
While most people say the chat console command work, I am really not sure why people still say does not work.

Please post a video to show you know how to use that command.....



Here is official GGG answer


The next patch (3.13.1c) is planned to make the /recheck_achievements command fix this case.

Or, you can allocate more passives when you unlock them, or you can respec then reallocate them, both methods will recalculate your challenge progress and fix it up.

You can try to bother him to show it does not work by showing him video
I am not a GGG employee.

About the username: Did you know Kowloon Gundam is made in Neo Hong Kong?

quote from the first page: "Please post one thread per issue, and check the forum for similar posts first"
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Maybe use "cut and paste" to avoid "typo's"...... :)
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