Vaal Cyclone dealing less damage than regular cyclone.

This taking place in Standard on my character Ashyliaes, lv99 pathfinder.

Basically, I have vaal cyclone gem socketed in 5L Shroud of the Lightless

Links are as follows:
Awakened Elemental Damage W/ Attacks Sup
Vaal Cyclone (corrupted level 21/ 23% qual)
Infused Channeling Supp
Faster Attacks Supp
Awakened Lightning Penetration Supp

Some strange behavior happens with this setup:

1st: There are two available instances of regular cyclone I can apply to my skill bars, even tho only 1 cyclone gem is socketed. As well as the vaal cyclone instance. (total of 3 available options for cyclone from just the 1 gem)

2nd: Tooltip DPS for regular cyclone 130k, tooltip dps for vaal cyclone 8.7k

3rd: By looking at the little squares which show support gems on the skill bar tooltips, it is clear that vaal cyclone somehow is missing a support. The support square that is missing from vaal cyclone tooltip is a blue b. I unsocketed gems one by one to see which support gem this little box was belonging too, and the answer was Infused Channeling.

4th: When actually used in combat, vaal cyclone has very mixed results, sometimes I will pop vaal cyclone on a boss and they will just be absolutely destroyed by it, other times I pop vaal cyclone, it deals almost no damage, but then regular cyclone will deal significantly more damage to the same boss - Very confusing and to be honest, makes no sense why that would happen. (sometimes it is almost as if vaal cyclone is not hitting the boss at all, even tho they are sucked right on top of my character, and my character has 2 sources of "Hits can't be evaded")

5th: when examining both skills in the character sheet window, there is a significant sum of elemental penetration missing from vaal cyclone, which is inline with my theory below.

This all leads me to believe that most likely: Shroud of the Lightless inherent support abilities are not affecting Vaal Cyclone. Infused Channeling is not affecting vaal cyclone. Not sure if that is intended behavior or not, but it doesn't seem like it should be. Also the occurences where it appears that the skill deals actually no damage to bosses to me seems like the skill itself is bugged, as well as the fact that it is creating 3 instances of cyclone instead of 2 from this 1 gem, and there are discrepancies between them on what they are being supported with,event tho it is all from 1 gem in the same link setup.

Upon request I can post anything else needed.

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Bumping, because this is a very annoying bug.
1) Known issue with Vaal Gems, generally in items that provide/trigger skills.

2) Vaal Cyclone does not have a tooltip DPS, it has a tooltip Average Damage Per Hit. If you divide the Average Damage Per Hit in your screenshot by the Attack Time, you get about 146k DPS.

3) As expected. Vaal Cyclone is a Duration skill, not a Channeling skill, so Infused Channeling does not support it.

5) Are you sure the elemental penetration was missing from Vaal Cyclone, and not one of the two instances of Cyclone? In your screenshot, one of the two non-Vaal Cyclones provided by the gem is not supported by the Elemental Penetration Support from the armor.

On your main point of inquiry (4), I can't offer too much insight. While I have experienced something like this, the closest I've experienced has been due to poor connection and desync--I play on Predictive rather than Lockstep, and got Stunned server-side when I tried to use Vaal Cyclone, or something like that.

It is entirely possible that as you suspect, the ongoing Vaal Gem issue may be the root cause.
Well I think you're correct actually about the elemental penetration, seem I was probably looking at the strange 3rd regular cyclone in char window.

But yea much of the rest of this still seems in need of work, there is a channeling tag on the gem, sad that it would not apply to the vaal skill.

To be honest I don't think the skill is missing because of desync either, frequently see very strange interactions with it, like a pile of mobs get sucked onto the character, most of them die almost instantly, but maybe 1 will remain and take like no damage, then after vaal cyclone ends and regular cyclone starts the mob dies very quickly....
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