Radiant Crusade / Scion guardian interaction with herald of purity


Im 99% sure Herald of Purity have a bug interaction with Radiant Crusade.

When 4 minions are summonend and refreshes from another kill it actually summons a new minion and replces one of the old. For a very short duration you will end up with 5 minions giving the onslaught buff from radiant crusade. When gaining this "permanent" onslaught buff it will override any temprary onslaught buff. This is only for a short period like 0.1s or so. When Herald of Purity is done with refreshing its minion the "permanent" onslaught buff is removed and also the temporary from onslaught you had before.

Anyone else know if this is true and a known bug?
Last bumped on Feb 22, 2021, 1:55:23 AM
So did more testing, seems I only need to move away from my minions, not even refresh them to lose onslaught. Mean it's actually only the minion count that will remove onslaught.

So this node are currently "if not 5 allies, remove onslaught"...

Herald of Purity is 100% useless if you want to have temporary onslaught buff.

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