Anomalous Golems not working in the slightest.

In PoB, in game, The stats are not coming up. 20% increased buff effect for Chaos Golem does nothing. (Anomalous Chaos Golem)

Is broken. Needs addressing quick. As a hardcore player I need all the mitigation I can get to get through this content.

Spending 3 ex, to gain nothing is quite infuriating. Please address this serious flaw quickly GGG.

Thank you. You can find reddit posts about ALL anomalous golems NOT working as of 2021 - 01 - 29

Last bumped on Feb 23, 2021, 8:45:02 AM
Yes, I have the same Issue. Level 22 Golem has 5% phys reduction and 20% increased buff effect should bring that to 6%. But it stays at 5% in character sheet. I have zero armour, so that doesn't interfere.
i just now noticed this too with my anomalous lightning golem

it appears to be broken.

for a minute i thought i might have actually found an item that i can actually use in the game that should improve my build. looks like i'm better off sticking with my 21/23% normal gem.
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