Trade window (accept/decline) not showing up when initiated by another player *SOLVED*

I have been experiencing this bug since flashback, and figured it would be fixed in the new league.

This bug is an "invisible" trade "accept/decline" window when another player tries to trade with me. While their trade request is in que (waiting for me to accept/decline) I do not see it, and if I try to trade with them I get "player is busy".

The temporary solution to this is that for every trade I must find a vendor in that player's hideout, and "sell items" to break the "invisible trade confirmation" and cancel their trade. I know this cancels their trade because it says so in the chatbox. This then lets me very quickly initiate a trade, which does go through when I am the initiator.

I have replicated this with a friend in voice chat, and on every occasion where I trade in another player's hideout I have had to use this temporary fix. It's not a one-off situation, it has been like this for every trade and I've not been able to accept another player's trade initiation for weeks.

I can create a twitch clip if you need video evidence, or if my description is lacking.

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Thanks for your report!

Could you please check that you have the popup notification for "Trade Request" ticked in the Notification settings after opening the Options Menu?
Sorry for wasting your time, thanks for the help LMAO

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