Sin (Fan Art, semi-realistic)

Even as he is one of the central figures in the main story, there are only a handful of art works I could find that centers on Sin. As usual, reasoning in spoilers.

PS. I'm lowkey amused by how three pieces I've posed outside competition are as of this moment: nightmare fuel scientist, emotionless mass murderer and Satan of the setting.


To put it bluntly, if I were to believe Templar's story about him being burnt at the stake as a kid, realistic 4rd degree burns would make me go way, way past how I've shown Tane before and I definitely couldn't post that portrait at all. His in-game model has pitch black skin, but pantheon image and concept art shows it to be ashen and pale, so I assumed the in-game model is darker due to some graphic limitations and settled on grey.
The only thing I could confirm about his face propotions was that he looks androgynous; in-game model has puffy checks but diamond face shape overall, official artwork puts him in world-class model category. Hopefully those here-in-there little imperfections sets him apart from "classically beautiful" look.
His hairstyle is a bit different, but the cut is very similar- with him having wings I'd expect them to be a lot more wild than neat styling he spots in the city, that's why he has central parting and more strands of hair on his face here.
In-game model has his eyes replaced by light, same as Oshabi, but because those two has no confirmed connection, I made his undeniably otherworldly in contrast to hers 'enhanced'- his have no irises and are reflecting on the entire surface, in addition to emitting smoke. It is also the only colour I used in grayscale, to somehow keep it in line with his in-game model.
I've considered showing his chest, but fellow is running around shirtless with a body that looks chiseled in ancient Greece and I didn't want to sexualize him in any way. I'm sorry?
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...and you do it again! I STILL haven't managed to finish a fanart of your gorgeous Sirus fanart, and NOW you post another amazing fanart? Stooop it, I can only compliment you so many times before I run out of words.

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This is really well done, love it!
The eyes are haunting, absolutely love.

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