Aura stacker lvl 100 275mil S-PDS boss carry > streaming on twitch > join and have fun with me ^^

Hi all,

i am doing boss cary with my aura stacker build in HEIST league. I am new on twitch so everyone support (follow) appreciate. Or just come and check how i am doing. Also u can show me your awesome builds and share your progress with me ^^

Also cen help with some tips about some builds can check your PoB.

Here is my twitch channel:
In game nick: Step_bro_I_am_stuck lvl-100

Actually sirus kill count: 650+ this league

Have a nice day and GL all.
Last bumped on Nov 24, 2020, 7:08:49 AM
He's an awesome dude and an amazing carry. You can tune in to his stream to learn a thing or 2, ask a question or just chill with us. 100% trust-worthy
carried me on uber elder kill, super fast with me in the map with him
yeah he trusted seen his stream drop mulitistrike no scam even tho its not mine pepe laugh pepe stare pepe ochic give me a multistrike drop
Very cool and funny guy and also a good carry :D
he is great guy will never scam you allways streams just the best love you bro your legend
carries for tip, very nice service

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