How are YOU passing time till 3.13?


I'm playing Ghost of Tsushima and Apex Legends, but tbh there's a certain itch that only PoE can scratch. I levelled a Poison BV Assassin and got till red maps, but I wasn't really feeling this league due to the ridiculous crashes. I heard that's been sorted out though.
Unfortunately, no cool races for PS4. So wanted to understand from you all, how are *you* killing time in PoE till 3.13? Anything interesting? Any guilds doing some fun stuff?
Last bumped on Nov 30, 2020, 6:24:36 PM
Rerolling toons, trying out new things/skills/items, act training sessions, trying my luck in trade league or hc, trying to find quick/easy/unusual way to get rich, getting ready for december leagues.

Just playing the damn game. I just got bored with end game(a8/elder) so most of the time i just level toon to 64 and delete it. Here and there i find/create new projects.

Somehow i am still having fun. No idea how.
"Fix it soon becaise beong locked out of my wealth and my character puts a hold on me trading and bartering to increase my wealth" - Nameless Forum Poster.
Just hit the character limit, so I've been logging onto old memories for a last hurrah before their gear is all that's left of them.

That should last me until the events start and give me room for the chars needed for them. Also, the 1 last challenge for Hana. Maybe I'll put my effort into finishing that tonight.
ssaneja15 wrote:
Unfortunately, no cool races for PS4.

All of the events listed apply to PS4 also.

Standard, Hardcore, Standard Solo Self-Found, Hardcore Solo-Self Found versions available. These versions are also available on Xbox and PlayStation.

Just note that the first 2 are void and you don't keep anything found. Free MTX stuff though.
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