Need clarification on some Heist rules


I am brand new to Heist and POE both, and I am trying to piece together some of the rules of the Heist mechanic that are confusing to me. They are a little all over the place. True or False:

* If I get a "quest heist" from one of my NPCs, and I fail it, I can never redo it.

* After stealing the Target Item, the enemy wave that attacks you is infinite. You can never kill all of them.

* After stealing the Target Item, the size of the enemy wave is proportional to the alert level when you stole the Target Item.

* Whakano will only sell you contracts that are equal to your level. You cannot buy lower level (or, I suppose higher level) contracts from him.

* Normal contracts can be stored in the heist chest. Quest contracts cannot be stored anywhere (except your inventory).

I think that is all of them ... thank you!

Last bumped on Nov 21, 2020, 11:02:07 PM
The green contracts will drop again if you fail them, I recommend being a few levels higher than the contract to be safer.
A good movement skill will get you out of most Heists if you cannot handle the mobs.
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Excellent, thanks for the help!

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