Why do Warstaves still have STR + INT affinities since they CANNOT ROLL caster mods since 3.8?

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Same reason claws have dex+int requirements and can't roll caster mods, because its not about caster mods.
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Intelligence isn't just about "caster" stuff though. It's also associated with, for example, critical strikes, which staves have a high chance for.

If you want two-handed weapons with Str or Str+Dex requirements, Maces, Swords and Axes already exist.

Yes it is.

Only 3 Blue attack gems in the game, all usable Only with wands.

Warstaves can be used primarily with red gems and second with dex gems.

This is a relic from the time where we didn't have Warstaves.

This brings the question why is GGG so fixated in making melee attacks / totems STR based and spells INT based.

it would not kill them to add int melee attacks or str damage spells for a change

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