regal as exalt trinket not working

Hi guys!

Anyone has problems with x% regal as exalted trinket in heists?
I dont know if im missing something, but it seems like it has stopped working in past few days. Is it only happening to my or someone else also having troubles with it?
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How would you even know? You’d have to get thousands of regals with no exalts to have enough statistical data to show it’s not just random swings of luck.
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It looks like they stop working. I was finding some ex every day but a few days they stop dropping. I have run prob 100+ contract and blueprint with a lot of currency chests and nothing. Just today i got 235 regals and not a single Exalted.
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Same here 250+ heists no exalts. :( It is bugged.
Yeap can confirm, did at least 100 heists the past 2 days, zero exalts.
Came here because i had the same feeling. Self-scammed myself for 13 ex, literally no returns.

Also the chance to not generate alert from a profession doesn't seem to work either, at least all of the last ones i've looked at lately, haven't tried all types tho.

Even the entire league has been quite dry, lvl 94 and no exalts, lvl 98,5 and like 5 exalts dropped :(
You just wasted 3 seconds reading this.
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GGG, Please fix it for weekend. :)

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