Patch 3.12.4 Minion AI/Einhar bug

I was wondering if you all are going to fix the minion AI problem and the Einhar bug where beasts are immune to damage in the last patch that was deployed on PC? I really hope we dont get a patch on consoles that has known game breaking bugs especially when the whole reason we get patches delayed on console is to avoid issues like the above.
Last bumped on Oct 15, 2020, 7:27:38 PM
Almost always it's patched with all fixes that pc gets.
"Fix it soon becaise beong locked out of my wealth and my character puts a hold on me trading and bartering to increase my wealth" - Nameless Forum Poster.
Console 3.12.4 includes these fixes.
PC early release saves us again. I used to hate their early release, but now the idea has grown on me.

Thanks for the reply Jeff.

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