Inverted Knockback not working...

I made a really fun build this league based on the Empire's Grasp gloves which inverts knockback to make a vacuum gladiator... problem is as of the latest patch it's broken... as well as Einhar no longer capturing beasts...

What is going on here?
I know some knockback changes were made to an alternate quality gem, but to completely kill a unique's ability in the same move?


Correction: Knockback no longer works at all.
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2nd this.
Reverse Knockback gloves are now broken.
Knockback nolonger happens when equipt.

I'd asume this is part of the alt Gem fix they applied so you couldn't go Negative knockback distance... but in return broke these gloves who make it negative distance.
yeah, have two builds I was playing that are basically not functional, super lame
WTB GGG Acknowledgement of issue... feels like this got lost in the Trapper problem and was never seen.
yes, please would love some kind of acknowledgement of this issue, haven't seen any replies or responses, got kind of overshadowed by a much more minor issue with einhar, at least that didn't fundamentally break builds...

For the love of POE at least acknowledge that this is broken!
My assumption:

The gloves are coded as "reduced knockback distance"

This patch change to prevent divergent heavy strike from pulling enemies with negative knockback distance towards the attacker is what broke the gloves.

>Divergent Heavy Strike (whose quality grants reduced Knockback Distance) can no longer cause enemies to be pulled towards you when the gem has greater than 20% quality. At 20% quality, the skill will not provide any Knockback effect.

They likely changed the way reduced knockback distance works to prevent the heavy strike from pulling and gave no thoughts to the impact it would have on Empire's Grasp reverse knockback gloves.

Forced to reroll because my build is broken now. Fun times.
FK I made a build arround those gloves and invested heavily currency and time :/
Plz fix asap, thx.
Bump for visibility, this is a huge issue?
Not having Empire Grasp build this league, but I used it for quite a number of times in the past, be it for levelling or an actual build. Super sad to see this is broken. Even more sad no threads of this matter have any ggg response, like "yes we are aware of it now, this was passed to relevant team members" or something.
Bump, I guess? This IS a serious matter after all, when some builds no longer are due to a bug, just in the middle of the league.

Just noticed this is in the list of known issues. Alright, that is something.

Second edit:
Thank you Henry, seriously.
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Thank you for the reports, we're aware of the problem.
This bug is listed in the Known issues thread:

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