3 days - not drop Exalted. I go Play Baldurs Gate 3

7 years still no mirror.



for real, tho. where's my mirror? monkaHmm
Close down the "Feedback" section. Stop pretending you care about feedback outside of reddit.

Allies cannot die, Porcupines and a clusterf**k of on-death effects - NOBODY WANTS THAT.
i had 2 drop this whole league...they lowered the drop rates last league for sure. before heist i would have around 10 drop by now
Exxxiled665 wrote:
i had 2 drop this whole league...they lowered the drop rates last league for sure. before heist i would have around 10 drop by now

Exalts now are for the trinket 'regal as exalt' ownees only, you know?

Every streamer now running 17+ currency, splitted GH and drops ex like a candy.

So ex now is 60c
Healty economy lmao
chris plz make rng drop more things for me personally
NO ONE would need worry about the ABYSSMAL drop rates of currency in this game, if we just had a proper trading system, that wasn't out of date 25 years ago.

Everyone would be able to sell their shit easily while playing / offline & it would solve so many of these issues.

but noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

we aren't allowed to have nice things, because GGG feels they know better than every gamer on the planet telling them they are idiots.
I found other ways around the ex drop issue...saving up all 6S items, turning them into fusings, buying a Kitsuni with 1 socket for 1c, and 6L it in under 65 fusings and was like "Cool, that will go well with my build."- Poison BV Assassin), then today on a whim I went to the Menagerie and seen that I had some portals to open to Saqawl roost, so I killed that boss, and the chest armor dropped, and was like fuck it, let's see...so got it to 6S in about 150 Jeweler's Orbs, and 6L it in under 250 fusings. That sold for 6ex shortly thereafter. went and got 3 skill gem upgrades with that, and now build is a bit smoother to play :)

This league my luck seems to be with 6L'ing thus far. 'Twasn't always so in past leagues. I've had 2 ex drop this league. Past leagues I might have around 5-6 by this time, but oh well, rng is rng, gotta capatalize on what you can to make it all work out, so when the good luck streak happens, you're already sitting pretty :)
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I would also enjoy more exalteds to drop. I'm already farming foothills and have only had one.
I don't think GGG really cares who went to play what. You could have said "I go Play Minecraft" and it would have carried the same weight in the point you're trying to make.

That said, I'm on my second playthrough of BG3 EA. It's funny that the concept of stealing with Heist happens to coincide with Larian releasing a long-awaited RPG sequel that's all about having those real stealth and thieving mechanics. I'm sneaking up on stuff, assassinating goblins, and pickpocketing almost everyone. Completely different type of game but man is it fun. Like its predecessors, it's a game of chess and a nice change in pace vs. what we currently have in PoE: maps/minute with nerfed drops to compensate for your clearspeed gratification.
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