macOS Crash on opening map device after unlocking Delirium Zana mod

Was able to play from the start of the league with minimal crashes, but today, every time i open map device, client instantly crashes

Crashes started after 140/154 and unlocking Delirium Zana mod, so maybe this is why crashes happen
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Last bumped on Oct 14, 2020, 10:35:46 PM
Same thing here. Opening map device crashes the game. Noticed this started happening @ 140 atlas completion bonus. Game is unplayable once you hit 140.
This is still happening after patch. Game is unplayable, please fix.
I just reached 140 bonus atlas objectives completed and am having the same issue. I can't do maps. I touchey the map device and el game promptly crashes. Halp!
Thank you for the reports, we're aware of the issue.

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