@GGG Voice Actors :)

Really love the work you've done for this league. Each character has their own uniqueness and it really feels great to team up with them. There's two in particular that just seem to really resonate with me in particular and will have them in the party any chance I get.

It feels really good to team up with the likes of Huck who has such a moral boosting voice, each of his lines you can just feel the depth that character has to offer.

And same with Niles. Took a bit to appreciate the character, but he eerily reminds of a Mark Hamill like/inspired character. Always feel like I'm left waiting for a cackling laugh to confirm it.

Feels good to have some NPC companions GGG. Great work :)
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Not gonna lie I miss hearing some voices and music but the game runs better without sounds.

A shame. I guess the voices must be interesting this time around with all the new npcs.
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I agree, the Heist voice acting and character interactions are top-notch. The atmosphere it creates is one of my favorite parts of the league.

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