✌Boss Kill Service✌ [Sirus,Shaper,Elder,Delve Bosses,Crotex,Mastermind] Providing Crafting Service✔

THanks for the quick and easy craft!

Trigger FTW
quick ez pro
ign sooner

Thanks a lot!

update: has now done 3 sirus A8 for me, split loot

also did a zana cortex for me, which dropped bottled faith. he sold it and we split the profits

total pro!!!
Just crafted

for a tip + craft costs.
Fast, polite and a very friendly guy :)
+rep and tysm <3
Last edited by aframil on Oct 17, 2020, 8:56:58 PM
Just crafted some colours for me


Legit <3
did multi-mod, %life/%mana, and fort effect ++

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