Mirror Shop | Phys, Cyclone, Axe, Warstaff, Sword, Jewels, Int Wander Amulets, Fractured Maps

What's available:

- Physical/cyclone axe, warstaff, helmets, gloves, amulets, rings
- Frost blades jewelled foil (sword)
- Two-toned boots
- Melee crit multi jewels
- Melee abyss jewels
- Zoom zoom jewels

Very Good
- Int stacking amulets (various options, including rare and good options)
- Physical astral plates
- Physical/frost blades belts
- Various other things

Story behind these items
I had experimented with many things with cyclone/earthshatter in harvest, so many of these items I crafted are really good for cyclone/earthshatter. I also tried playing around with 100% avoid ailments, so there's some interesting avoid ailment gear here which could be somewhat rare. Some of these items are potentially best in slot especially since some of these builds are not particularly popular and as far as I know, people did not craft perfect variants for these builds. I tried my best to comment on some of my items to the best of my knowledge. Please take a look around and let me know if I'm mistaken about something. Thanks!

Mirror fee is 30 ex for most items, and 60 ex if they are not available elsewhere (aka very rare). Discounts are possible if it's not perfectly divined
If I'm not online, PM me on forums or on Discord @bibi#2529 (Exalted on TFT)

Excellent Items


- Perfectly Divined 7L Fortify Axe (Perfect for cyclone/phys builds, depending on build. Requires some optimization for this to be the best axe, otherwise the elder/warlord 1.3k pdps fleshripper is an easier option)
- Perfectly Divined Jewelled Foil (Best in game for frost blades with eternity shroud unique)
- Excellent 2H Warstaff (Perfect for cyclone/phys builds, maybe the best because warstaff is uncommon, I have not seen a better warstaff myself but I could be wrong)


- Perfect physical dps helmet
- Perfect cyclone + avoid ailments dps helmet


- Excellent physical dps gloves, depending on your build


- Excellent cyclone amulet
- Excellent phys amulet (especially if you lack attributes)


- Excellent cyclone rings (Gain life on hit)
- Excellent phys rings (May not be perfectly divined)


- Perfect boots (depending on your build)
- 4 white socket elusive + tailwind boots has essence life mod
- First two boots do not have enchants yet but it can be easily fixed

Melee crit multi jewels:

- These resist implicits were what allowed me to run two threads of hope and cap resists without much commitment

Melee abyss jewels:

- Excellent sword dps jewel

Zoom zoom jewels:

- All perfectly Divined

Very Good Items

Int Stacking Amulets:

-Double pen, clarity, mana reservation, power charges, rarity, t1 dex, all kind of options available

Physical Astral Plates:

- Some are not perfectly divined

Physical/frost blades belts:

- Second belt is not perfectly divined

Perfect cyclone/physical clusters:

- First crit chance medium cluster is very rare and perfect for cyclone (precise commander was very expensive to obtain)
- Dodge small clusters with these rolls are rare (untagged mods)
- Next four area damage medium clusters are rare and perfect for cyclone (untagged mods)
- Other clusters are quite rare, but may be found elsewhere. However, they are still very interesting clusters
- Some very good armor stacking warning call clusters, and very good atk spd clusters
- Most of the clusters have a mix of t1 elemental resist, t1 chaos resist,t1 dex or t1 int. These were the best options for me as I wanted to use two threads of hope, cap resists, have 0 chaos resist on items, and maximize dps/survivability all at the same time.

Random things:

- Not perfect but still very good otherwise. I'm open to offers

Fractured Delirious Maps:

- I don't mind mirroring these maps for free if you bring your fossils/resonators, but tips would be appreciated if you are looking to mirror many maps

There isn't much knowledge being shared about these maps but here's the gist of it:
- Mirror the map with fractured fossil + bloodstained fossil + metallic/corroded fossil (metallic to block phys reflect, corroded to block elemental reflect/lower max resist), bloodstained fossils give you a ton of 6-link corrupted items which are basically divine orbs
- If you're playing party, pick the maps with high quantity
- If you're playing solo, pick the maps with high pack size
- Pick promenade if you are willing to pick ilvl 86+ bases, and want the most delirium rewards and drops in general (Exalts, corrupted 6 links/divine orbs, etc.)
- Pick burial chambers for a chance of doctor card drops
- Pick tower for a chance of nurse card drops
- Pick alleyways/port for saint's treasure card drops, and if you are unable to do the higher tier maps
- Pick elder maps if you don't believe in my words
- Use reliquary/harbinger/breach scarabs, and potentially divination
- Use misinformation, terror, stalwart defenders, war among the stars for promenade
- Use misinformation, war among the stars, booming populace, territories unknown for all other maps (Also viable for promenade, but I like the ilvl 86+ bases)
- For sextants, go for beyond, nemesis currency, hunted traitors, breach (Not always the best, but works well)
- Fill all your prophecies with mapping prophecies
- Best delirium reward? On average and if you're selling at non-bulk rates, breach is the best. (I am not 100% sure about this, but breach may not be the best delirium reward for low tier maps like T5 Port)

Mirror fee is 30 ex for most items, and 60 ex if they are not available elsewhere (aka very rare). Discounts are possible if it's not perfectly divined
If I'm not online, PM me on forums or on Discord @bibi#2529 (Exalted on TFT)
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