Amphibians <Frogs> 🐸 Recruiting active players for Heist!

Hello! o/

Who are we?

We are a social and active guild that started over three years ago and have since expanded to a proud memberbase of 49/80 players. We keep our numbers low to maintain a familiar atmosphere. We also have 15 guild stash tabs that players have access to. For the most part, we focus on the temporary leagues and in the Softcore variant.

Who can join?

We are looking for mature, active and friendly folk at any level. All nationalities and walks of life are accepted, however we would like that players solely speak in English. Our guild consists of many experienced players who are ready to help and guide new players through their journey.

Some things expected to share while in the guild and things everyone will have access to:

-Lab runs
-Uber trials
-League challanges


Also to mention, we have a active discord server consisting of various channels including PoE news. Feel free to chat away! When you join the channel, you'll be sent to a recruitment page that'll have further instructions about how to get a hold of an Officer to get you recruited. You'll be asked to answer a few varying questions like age, where you're from, how often you're online.

Leader: Wyvern (IGN: WyvernsToxin / Discord: Aylin#0954)
ruini (IGN: RuiniBringsAnArmy / Discord: ruini7#3168)
SaoulZod (IGN: The_Devilry / Discord: SaoulZod#8392)
Shinra (IGN: witch_Shinra_Am_I / Discord: Shinra#5596)
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10/10, would frog again. :)
would I be able to join guild I am ready to heist as a frog build

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