SSF Harvest item flex (Tornado Shot, Deadeye)

I'm really proud of my gear, so here you can enjoy it too.

My total DPS was over 15M (Barrage all projectiles, Sirus 8), more than double I ever had previously with this build including trade leagues.
You can check out some gameplay on my twitch (Czech)

Playlist where I show how I crafted all the gear (Czech), probably skip the first few episodes of non-influenced items

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.


6 white sockets perfect shaper thicket bow

Max DPS - Elder/Redeemer amulet
(this one was hardest to make, I had to remove/add attack to hit T1 cold to attacks, could not use Cold because of cold pen, took over 200 tries)

Mapping Amulet with movement speed and Quantity.

Max DPS - Elder/Shaper/Essence crit multi Opal ring with Assassin's Mark on hit

Shaper/Redeemer ring with Frostbite on hit

Hunter/Warlord gloves with +1 Frenzy charge and Intimidate on hit

Max DPS Redeemer/Warlord Helm with Tornado shot Enchant
(did not run labs, I hit it within my 40 enchanted fossils, I know +1 Barrage or +1 TS would be better)

Typical +1 Curse, Explody, Attack Crit, Power Charge generation
(attributes needed for gem requirements)
Check that socketed Awakened Chain.

DPS Warlord Quiver +1 arrow, Frenzy charge generation

+1 Chain Quiver (I corrupted cca 500 quivers)

Universal life/res/increased DPS stygian

All my Abyssal Jewels have Life, Crit Multi, Attack speed on crit and Cold to bows. Some are perfect, some have Life T1 Cold T2 or opposite. Some I tried Synthesising, others have movement speed.

All my mapping jewels have 9% movement speed

Max res boots with Elusive (I have better Tailwind from my ascendancy)

Items below are not for my build or are items I upgraded from

The Gloves I upgraded from. I was really stoked I found Gripped gloves with a great incursion mod. Finished them to be very nice 7 line gloves.

The Helmet I upgraded from, has not a helpful enchant and has random Reduced Mana Reservation on.

Basically the same as my helmet but a little less DPS but includes resistances so I can wear a Headhunter and still be res capped (SSF dreams...)

Literaly a copy of my boots (above) just so I have a pair to reenchant damage penetration without risking loosing a good enchant

My first chest (did not have ilvl86 at the time, so only T2 life). I also included both Attack Crit and Spell Crit because I had a free suffix.
(If I am not mistaken, this was the first time I ever used an Awakener's Orb)

Random Ilvl86 Astral plate - Typical +1 Curse, Explody, Attack Crit, Power Charge generation

Random Ilvl86 Vaal Regalia - Typical +1 Curse, Explody, Spell Crit, Power Charge generation
(T1 Intelligence was a lucky accident when awakening the bases together)

Tailwind, Elusive, max movement speed boots

This helmet I identified like this. I only added one resist

Spellcaster helmet hopefully good for Blade Vortex

No idea about minion builds, had a lot of bound fossils. I hope these are good

6,5link spellcaster gloves. Another "I have no idea what I'm doing" craft

Generic movement speed, max life, max res boots

Generic Max life, Max res helmet.

Generic Max res, Max life, Max ES, Max WED stygian vise.

My mirror thread
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