Brokencoda Bosskiller and Crafting Service

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Bosskiller Service
I'll do the service whilst streaming at:
Youtube Channel :

How to Contact:
Pm me ingame @brokencoda and let me know which service you'll need. If is a boss service, check what is needed below.

If anything drops that is greater than 1ex, we split the loot 50/50 (I'll keep the loot to sell it and trade your share after it sells), otherwise for a small fee of 50c before the kill, you'll keep ALL the loot.

For Sirus, before you'll open the fight itself, please switch to São Paulo (BR) Realm [This can be found at your Log in Screen]. When you'll get back to your Hideout, talk to Helena and change it to any Hideout you'll want, don't worry, you can change it back later and your decorations will still be at the same place, that is necessary so we create a new instance of the new server (São Paulo on this case).

It's only necessary that you'll change your realm to São Paulo (BR) Realm [This can be found at your Log in Screen]. If you'll need the challenge, just say it and I'll say for you to go in at the last phase of the fight. If a Wachter's Eye drops, we split the loot for it as a unidentified item, usually it is price at 10ex+

Service Fee:
Elder 10c
Shaper 30c
Vaal Temple 30c
Uber Atziri 30c
Uber Elder :50c

Boss Services Done:
Sirus : 2.000+
UElder : 300+

Crafting Service:

I also provide crafting services, if you need something just pm me to check if I got the craft on the bench, the fee I'll accept in a form of tip, anything you can spare and WANT to spare!
Currently crafting mods: Everything!
Last bumped on Sep 18, 2020, 12:22:13 AM
Fast, friendly and a great service. +1 rep
Nice, I bought several services and craft! always very polite and helpful !
Ele é confiavel, sensual, rapido e desempregado, so coisa top

He's a good person, nice, fast and he made a lot of crafts for me
reliable honest work not from scam I did several harvest crafts and bosskiller jobs

The service done very fast and reliable.
+ rep
+ rep

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