What builds are you guys going?

I'll start with glacial cascade totems, if it wont work well i can just swap to divine ire :)
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I might try again ice spear, with sniper's mark (through spell slinger). It most likely going to be a terrible build. Orthat new lightning skill.

Edit: nvm, it wont work
Unless linking snipers mark with spellslinger instead of using curse on hit. Cursing through spellslingers does work, right?
I want to make automated and well working snipers mark application, the issue is splitting projectiles messses it up.
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Toxic rain raider, because it can go fast and is easy/cheap to add cold damage to for corpse destruction
most like some form of dot trickster just to rush content early league, after that will pick one of new skills to min max alittle.
Fire Storm, Crackling Lance or Glacial Cascade.
Fire Storm totems migh be fun, huge meteors everywhere.
I need numbers, but...


Imepnding doom !

Doom Blast !

All the flavours of DOOOM !

Ennemies will taste the rainbow.... of DOOM !

DOOM ! for everyone !
Shameless plug for my...
Electric Spectre-Zombie Necro League Starter.

Very very low cost minion build, great for newbies and those liking minion league starting.
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Void Sphere sounds like a lot of fun. Hopefully it does decent damage rather than a cc skill. I'm thinking Void Sphere Trickster and I'll just go ED if that doesn't work out
Curse and explode, curse and explode,.....
I was planning to start occultist to try the new doom / hexblast but there are too many constraint and i dont want to wait the doom increase.

I don't have any idea what i will start with ...

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