Crash when importing a hideout

Same issue.

Tried the reclaim all method, same result.
Same issue here. I press import and it instantly crashes my game.
reclaim only works sometimes.. no fix still?? the week in between league is hideoutweek xD this really s*cks.
Same problem here with Celestial Hideout.

This started with the last major update when we had to do a full download of the game.

Export doesn't crash my game, just trying to import.

EDIT: i think i found a quick-fix. I opened my "Decorations" tab and clicked "import" with the tab still open and finally managed to import. Don't even know why that happened but it worked.
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Also having this problem. Weirdly I can hit export and nothing happens goes wrong. But it's when I hit import the game shits the bed.

Tried nearly everything I could think of. Swapped renderer; used the old x86 version; went between windowed, full screen and borderless; turned Steam overlay off; reinstalled to a separate SSD that wasn't my OS drive (so it wasn't in Program Files).

Fun fact I did get it to take long enough to crash it actually loaded a template by running it on Win95 compatibility mode of the x86 client. It runs disgustingly bad this way but it also took longer to crash so I quickly loaded the template and it crashed but when I logged back in the template was loaded.

Also from my observations just hitting Import starts a sound error where music stutters repeatedly before the crash. Along with Export not causing the crash it seems unrelated to opening an Explorer window and some other problem.
I hope that when the world comes to an end I can breathe a sigh of relief; because there will be so much to look forward to.
Had this issue with importing on the steam client.

Switching to the standalone client and it worked just fine.

Is it the pathing or something maybe?
Yeah, I also crash immediately when I click the green import button :/
Hey all,

Thank you for the reports, we're aware of the issue and hope to have it fixed soon. Sorry for the trouble and for not replying sooner!

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