Implicit Modifiers pseudo property works weird

The query yields a bunch of talismans that have 1 visible implicit while the property require at least 2.

Standard query include not only talismans but a 1-implicit rare shield / unique chest.
Last bumped on Sep 15, 2020, 7:57:26 PM
seems to be adding +1 implicit count for unknown reason to items. possibly including hidden modifiers(as most shields/body armours have hidden movement speed penalties, maybe talismans have a hidden mod) as a implicit count?

I changed it to 3 for fun... and there is a corrupted tabula in there, which the only way for that to have 3 implicits is a hidden modifiers.

It does take hidden implicits into account. So things like the hidden movespeed penalties on armor and shields can throw the results off. Where Talismans are concerned, the base items are inherently corrupted. This is most likely accomplished through some kind of hidden implicit so as not to screw with their specialized implicits or prevent them from rolling affixes.

Edit: one way they could "fix" this issue is to change it from being a pseudo-mod search to just a normal mod search.
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This is a difficult one but I think we have a good fix in place for 3.12. Thanks for the report!
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