We're happy to introduce a community event organized by Brittleknee, AFK Creators and SoftGiving. The first charity relay race starts on September 5th at 8pm UTC (check out the countdown here). This event will be open participation, and support a host of charities, like our very own community-created GDQ! There’s also a prize pool for the racers and a multitude of giveaways to celebrate the event.

Each relay team of four players will choose a charity to represent, and by participating, ensures a certain allocation of this pool goes to the charity of their choice. The higher they place, the more the charity receives. The race will take place in a Harvest Standard SSF Private League with a 2 Minute Death Penalty, there won't be additional mods. Each member of the relay will have to defeat Dominus before the next member can start their run.

Casting will be done by ZiggyD and Octavian0.

Prize Information (supplied by SoftGiving):
  • 1st Place Team: $800 USD
  • 2nd Place Team: $600 USD
  • 3rd Place Team: $400 USD

Viewers of the race will also be eligible for MTX prizes (provided by SoftGiving, AFK Creators and Grinding Gear Games), the giveaways will take place during the cast.

To learn more about the event, including how to support the cause, sign up for the relay, and more, please refer to this announcement.
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