Catarina fight crash from new patch

Lost all of mine 8 portals to crash...

Some one suggested trying switching to/from windowed, tried all combinations both with dx11 and vulcan

Also tried final portal different character, still crashed, its 100% her "big attack that lays a cross on the ground"

Can we have our catarina fight back after its patched ;)?
Thanks for your reports, we'll take a look into this!

Edit: I've also added this to the Known Issues thread now.
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Same question here - can we have our Catarina fight back when you fix it? It took a lot of time to get to the point where we could even fight her, just to have client crashes take away all of our portals!
Check your log files for any critical errors. It might help GGG out.
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Lost all of my portals to her crashing my game as well, not including one where I got a huge lag spike didn't have the opportunity to dodge one of her attacks.

ZZZZ feelsbadman, but feels good that it's not just me.

Not sure what logs would even be useful, I don't see anything remotely labeled "Crash Handler" or "Error" etc.

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