3.11.1d Patch Notes Preview

KaseyM21 wrote:
I think all the people saying "nice" didn't even read the patch notes lol


Not sure what up but I have died about 15 times today to stuff I never even have to blink at. Not sure what in this patch is doing it :(
Please fix Horticrafting station management. Stop making it worse. Please, I beg you.
Why on Earth did you guys bring back timed missions for Zana? I absolutely abhor them and now every single non-unique/guardian map is a timed mission. What the heck? The removal of them was one of the best quality of life changes in the game in my opinion, now I don't even want to bother with them. I am staring at 9 missions and all non-unique or guardian boss ones are timed, same for past few zana missions, I was just thinking I was getting unlucky but I'm pretty sure that every single mission is just timed, and that is just horrible design. Just remove it again FFS.
can't update here, always crashing at the very end of the patch with a POE installation from scratch (and had around 20 random similar crashes of the updater along the way). Never had that before in 4 years...
This game is going into the shitter. Time to look into other rpg's...
The Pope quit, a meteor fell on Russia, an
asteroid came close to the earth, there's snow
in Arizona, star wars and star trek have the
same director! Who the hell is playing jumanji?

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