Endgame Boss Kill Service! Crafting service!Timeless carries!

Split(splitting the drop 50/50)
Fee(fixed price on what the kill is)

Conquerors: white/yellow tier(5c) red tier(10c)

Awakener(split or 60c fee) can make it lvl 8 with my stones

Cortex(split or 1 exalted fee)
Also doing uber elder,elder,shaper,mastermind,delve bosses, just pm me ingame.

Timeless service 3-4-5way guaranteed jewel - 1ex fee or 2ex if vanity drops(u choose one of the two options)

Every kill is done on stream so loot is guaranteed to be yours.

Also doing crafting service got all crafts!
IGN:sbbBIGDAM , sbbthickYEP , sbbzooming
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Very nice. You can watch him do bosses. 5/5
did chaos dmg over time for me. thanks.
IGN: Strappado
vouch,crafted gain %life as extra es.

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