[PS4] Reproducible crash in Sacred Grove

Steps to reproduce error:

1. Enter the Sacred Grove and activate a Collector.

2. Defeat the enemies and access the crafting interface.

3. Open the Stash while at the crafting table using L3+Touchpad.

4. Locate any unidentified item in the Stash.

5. Press Square to select, then press Circle to attempt to Identify the item. Alternatively, simply press Circle on the item in the Stash sub-menu.

6. Path of Exile immediately crashes.

This was tested while in the Grove via a Map (T3 Moon Temple, 3 times) as well as from the Grove via a Waypoint.
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Wrong section

Post console bug in


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On PC you're not supposed to be able to identify any items in the "temporary" stash that you get while you are in the grove, you get an error message instead. Guessing that error handling is missing on PS4 and thus it's crashing instead.
If this gets fixed they'll probably disable the identify button in the temp stash.
Thank you for the report.
Crash will be fixed in one of the upcoming updates.

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