[3.11] 🧞‍♂️1,400 Intelligence, 420K Dps, 6.2K Es || NatesScrewed's Ark Hierophant


Never feel bad About Life, And Be smart as heck!
Dodge: 40%
Spell and Attack dodge: 10%
Beside low Dps this build has only good stuff.


All Unique, to support intelligence, and not anything else

Weapon: The Whispering Ice Vile Staff

Helm: Mask of the Tribunal Magistrate Crown

Body Armor: Cloak of Defiance Lacquered Garb

Gloves: Sharers Touch

Boots: Victario's Flight Goathide boots
Helps use mana when hit to prevent deaths forever.
Amulet: Arbitraments Onyx Amulet
Gives 110 to all attributes.

Ring: Le Heup of All Iron Ring x2
Gives lots of Damage.

Belt: Bated Breath Chain Belt
Helps get to 6k Energy Shield


Arc,Added Cold Damage, Arcane Surge,
Spell Echo, Arhmage, Elemental Focus.

Second On staff
Elemental Weakness, Enhance, Arcane Cloak, Vaal Righteous Fire
Don't use Righteous fire, unless need to, Use Vaal though.

Boots or Gloves
Vaal Haste, Rallying Cry, Frost Bomb, Empower

Anything Else

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