+67 [MIRROR] #1 Chaos Wand - #1 Lightning Staff - #1 Tower Shield - **Craft on Demand service**

good very easy
nice service
A casual PoE guy with some virtual achievement:
- 40/40 challenge in Delve, Betrayal, Blight, Metamorph
Have a character LEVEL 1 0 0 in: Ranger, Marauder, Shadow, Witch and Duelist.
Scion and Templar are on the list
Брал сервис у этого ребзя,все ок не обманул,рекомендую!

Thanks for the service!

Trustable person. Really chill.
Thanks for the service!

1 fail, 1 success. Very fast and easy service ty!

Reliable, fast and trustworthy!

Add new item to collection.

Check #1 post for more detail.

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