[ONLINE] Boss killing Service 20+ sirus done

Hi,i played in this game so long(normal start perandus lague,but in General I started from the first day of the game's release :) ), the service started last season quite successfully (sorry posts are removed with the end of the League Metamorph)
My videos from the last League(to convince you of my fighting ability) can be viewed here
Did it on rus forum and eu forum:

My nickname in the game: Tinky_Destroyer_Winky
Other info:

What u need did on Sirus:
1. You tell us whether you need to be called to the last stage for achivement
2. You go in and start a dialog
3. You go out and I go in
4. As soon as it comes to the 4th stage, if you need achivement, I call you
5. If you are worried about your loot from Sirus, I can also call you at stage 4, the loot will be locked for me while you are on the map,I can also make a demonstration of the screen after the Kill while I am on the map and show the inventory that I will take it to transfer to you or that I will leave without taking anything
6. Leave a comment after the work done, if you do not mind, thank you! ^_^

Services i provide:
A small bonus for everyone who bought my service in the Metamorph League cheaper by 10с! :)

Sirus - Fee 50c or split!

Awakeners - Fee 15c
Kosis - Fee 50c or split!
Uber Elder - Fee 50c or split!
Elder - Fee 20c or split!
Guard Elder - Fee 15c
Shaper - Fee 30c or split!
Guard Shaper - fee 15c
Uber Atziri - Fee 60c or split!
Catarina - Fee 25c or split!
Cortex - Fee 60c or split!
Grandmaster map - 70с
SPLIT - 50/50, you or i take loot,then sell it or keep it, give me 50% of its value, or I give 50% to you

I did it on Frankfurt server
How to change it:
1.Exit the game and put the server Frankfurt in the start menu
2.Go to the youre hideout and go to Elena and choose any other one hideout,go to it and then open the map/set that you ask you to pass!Thanks for your attention!

1.If you called me not to the newly opened map, but rather used several portals, then I do not give a guarantee of fulfillment!
2. If the server differs from the ones listed by me I do not give a guarantee!
3. If I did not complete the task I will pay you the FULL price or give you the full set!
4. Payment is always at the end,I do not TAKE more or less than indicated, but if you are very happy with me, I will accept your gift!

My runs:
Sirus - 15/15
Kosis - 5/5
Uber Elder - 1/1
Shaper - 4/4
Uber Atziri - 21/21
Catarina - 2/2
Cortex - 1/1
Grandmaster map - 1/1

Sirus - 12/12
Kosis - 6/6
Uber Elder - 1/1
Shaper - 0/0
Uber Atziri - 1/1
Catarina - 1/1
Cortex - 0/0
Grandmaster map - 1/1

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quick responce and first attempt 1 portal. will get again
Killed My Uber Elder, 1 portal and didn't steal jewel. +1
Helped me out getting my Uber Atziri done for Prophesy. Super friendly and helpful, would very much recommend their services.
Good hogm carry +1

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