Ignites from non-fire sources and fire sources

If i use stormfire, so my lightning can ignite, and I hit something with fire and lightning...

Is the damage combined? And the ignite from both.

Or is the larger hit converted to ignite and I only get one active ignite from both hits?
Last bumped on Mar 30, 2020, 1:13:26 PM
From the Path of Exile Wiki it looks like you can only have one ignite at any one time. So the largest of the two would be applied. The exception would be if you have any items or uniques that would apply you apply an additional ignite to enemies.
If you do one hit that includes both lightning and fire damage, then that hit's ignite will be calculated from both.

If you do two separate hits, one of which is only lightning and one of which is only fire, then each will apply a separate ignite and the strongest of those ignites will apply.
Thank you much Mark.

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