XBOX: Charater Stuck in a location and can't interact with anything.

My character is stuck in the Overseer's Tower and can't click on anything or anyone, Except online players. Can't click on doors or portals or NPCs.

This happened 3/22/20 sometime.
Not sure on the gateway.
No crashes.
Cable Connection. DHCP
1ghz download rate.
Xbox One S digital.
Gamertag: TechnoMojo
Character name: ZuesBrand lvl 46.

Please help.

Thank you.
Last bumped on Mar 24, 2020, 2:14:07 AM
1 ghz download rate huh?

Do you have an instant skill bound to your 'A' key? If so, try removing it for the time being as there's a bug while having instant abilities bound to it.

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