[3.10] Animate weapon ! No stuff but rolling on game

I started PoE long time ago but just started to stream !
I mostly like theory crafting so I'm ok to answer and help out !
You can follow me here ! Will help me a lot, I stream in french but can swap to english if you join live :


I'll try make better post than this in the future

Concept : Blade fall put dagger in the floor, make them move with anite weapon ;)
Little video to show it : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=maRzhdkAij0


-No stuff required to up really easily
-Good dps & tanking


-It's a summoner but need to be real active on blade !
-Low visiblity on screen :)

Pastbin : https://pastebin.com/H73fCPgz

Main Stuff :
Search for a +1 all minion or physical spell on a wand
Resi + Life (springleaf is helping for a low shield)

Link (support in order) :
- Animate weapon + melee splash + Minion Damage + Multistrike + Brutality + melee physical (Thinking of impale also)
- Aura : Pride + summon skitterbots
- Minion => Zombie + spectre (Monkey for frenzey charge act 2 the old fields)
+ meat shield + Blood magic (most have or monkey will not cast)
- Blade fall + curse on hit + Punishmen/vulnerablity (donno the best) + Spell cascade
- Desecrate & flesh offering
- Move skill => I use flame dash but Shield charge + faster atk + Fortify would be better

Jewels :
-life + Minion taunt
-life + Minion blind
-life + Minion atk speed

Cluster jewels :
Rotten claws
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