Evasion and Damage Reflection questions

You hit the monster for some amount of damage, affected by the monster's mitigation. 20% of the damage it actually took is reflected back to you, and affected by your mitigation.

Reflected damage is the same kinds of damage as your initial hit. If you hit with a spell, then the reflected damage is unevadable and only blockable by spell block. If you hit with an attack, it's evadable and regularly blockable, etc.
Progammer wrote:
Another question, whose accuracy will be used to determine whether or not my character evade the reflect damage ? I suppose its my char's accuracy.
The thing reflecting, at least for now. There's certainly an argument to be made for switching it to having the attacker evade their own accuracy.

Damage reflection (currently) doesn't and can't do anything other than damage. No on-hit or other effects of any kind. But the reflection system for damage is going to be redone at some point.
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sherkhan wrote:
This is huge, and extremely important to anyone trying to figure out penetration/reflect mechanics.

If I deal 1000 Light Dmg with 30% Light Penetration to a monster with 0 resists, I cause 1300 Light Dmg, of which 18% is reflected back to me.

Frankly, it's broken.

Life Leech seems to be a decent mitigation against Ele Reflect (maybe even swapping to a Bloodseeker for Ele crowds).

However, using the Light Penetration gem, with a 8% Life Leech, I only get to leech back 8% of the 1000 Damage dealt, not the 1300 Damage received by the monster.
But that's not true, and never has been. Leech is also calculated from the damage that's actually dealt, not some theoretical number of what the damage would have been if it wasn't mitigated.
Doushibag wrote:
Does that mean if I hit a monster with 1 hitpoint that's protected by 'allies don't die' that nothing will be reflected since it's essentially mitigating 100% of the damage at that point?
Doushibag wrote:
Bolded for emphasis... so like, does how much life the monster have matter? Because if it's got 500 life and is dealt 400 damage it's like 'I can take that, 100 life to spare!'. If it's only got 300 life though it's more like 'I just took 300 damage, I can't take any more, I'm clocking out!' and rolls over dead. Getting into the 'overkill' issue and how that works. Think I've seen that overkill damage is reflected, but not sure how reflect works. I don't presume it to all make sense or to know what sense it does make as it seems to be a system that's still a work in progress.
No on both counts. Taking damage (usually) causes life to be removed, but leech and reflect both care about the damage taken, not the amount of life removed. Against the 'cannot die' aura, the monster still takes damage, but the effect of taking that damage is prevented from removing the last life - that doesn't change the value of damage taken. Similarly for taking more damage than you have life - if a monster with 300 life takes 400 damage, then it still took 400 damage, it just stopped losing life at 300 because it ran out.

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