| MIRROR SERVICE |#1 INSANE Projectile Gloves + Spiked Gloves !! +1Frenzy/Culling Strike ♠

Copies/서비스 횟수/копия: 3

Copies/서비스 횟수/копия: 10+

IGN @Shneaky_Meta

Fee/요금/плата: 40Exalts

I can also change the craft to what ever you want. (DMG while leeching..etc)

Can stream the entire service as well on twitch or discord

Message me for more info.

How this works:
I will link the item before copying and before accepting your mirror to authenticate that I am the correct person. Once the mirror is traded. I will link again to make sure that the gloves have the correct craft/colors/enchant..etc before using mirror. Once the player confirms, I will use the mirror on the gloves, while taking a recording of the service for protection. I will then trade the mirrored gloves for the fee of the service.
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First copy done! Grats @Behwaฮิฮิ

ty gl

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