[3.9] Slayer Elemental Hit + Barrage | 12m Shaper DPS | 5.5k HP. Trying to make Ele Hit great again.

T16 Baran

Ele hit in version 3.9

1.Elemental Hit got a 20% damage nerf on lv20.
Elemental Hit:
Now deals 22 to 40 added Fire Damage at gem level 1 (from 23 to 43), up to 480 to 891 at gem level 20 (from 590 to 1096).
Now deals 18 to 33 added Cold Damage at gem level 1 (from 19 to 35), up to 392 to 729 at gem level 20 (from 483 to 896).
Now deals 4 to 67 added Lightning Damage at gem level 1 (from 4 to 70), up to 77 to 1465 at gem level 20 (from 95 to 1802).

2.Crafting mods & Shaper mods changes
You can no longer craft the Veiled increased Damage of specific elements with an ailment chance on Bows.

The 'of Crafting' crafted suffix which previously allowed you to craft any number of additional mods on the item now allows you to craft up to three mods on the item. This affects existing items (items with the mod will now be limited to 2 additional crafts), however any items with more than the allowed number of crafted mods will keep those mods.

The Shaper and Elder Attack Speed and Double Damage modifiers on two-handed weapons now grant to (4 to 6)% chance to deal double damage (from 20%).

(patch notes)

A decent ele hit bow was used to be like this. But now not only we can no longer obtain anything as good, the difficulty, or to say the cost of crafting has got onto the next level, way higher than previous leagues.

All the nerfs seem to be pretty nasty, but fortunately, we got this newly added support gem in game.

Which could offer roughly 100% more damage when paired with Dying Sun, if you gear your character properly. I will explain later.

Pros and Cons

+GOOD single target damage
+GOOD clear speed. (check out the Maze of the Minotaur video below)
+Legit HP pool against most mapping/delving(<500) encounters.
+All content viable

-Expensive, even for a starter version
-A good ele hit bow is now a bit tricky to craft, which makes good ones more rare in the market.
-HC seems to be viable but you need to trade off a lot damage. This build can reach 8k life rather easily with Kaom's Heart. But it's definitely not worth it since there're so many better options in HC.


Key mechanics related to this build

1.Damage conversion

If you have never played this build before, you really should read the skill description word by word before you build your own ele hit character.

Each attack with this skill will choose an element at random, and will only be able to deal damage of that element...
XX-XX added fire damage
XX-XX added cold damage
X-XXX added lightning damage

Which means, all 3 types of damage will roll out simultaneously at each attack. It's just only one type will become the chosen one, and the rest will be blocked.

That differs so much from just rolling out a single random elemental type at a time. Because you can actually convert 3 types of element into one, and use threshold jewels to lock on a specific elemental type of chosen. This skill can earn up to 200% more damage from damage conversion only. That's why Xoph's Heart becomes so handy in this build, also the reason so many people running lightning to cold rings in a pure fire build.

2.Barrage Support

A totally underrated gem. My guess is because poe.ninja wont calculate its damage boost correctly. Sheep always follow the builds with highest DPS. So it's easily got ignored by most of the people.

Lets do some simple math here:

At lv20, this gem grants 3 extra arrows, each arrow will do 38% base damage, and each arrow of one attack will prolong the attack time by 5%. So with Dying Sun, we will have 6 arrows in total from a single attack.

That's 38% * 6 / 1.3 = 1.75

75% more damage. If we got an extra arrow from your quiver or your bow, it will be 97% more damage. If there was another from your ascendancy if you were a Deadeye or anywhere on your gear, it would be 117% more damage. That's over 100% more damage from a single support gem.

Particularly for ele hit, the old school single target 4L has a rather low attack rate. Life leech can have a bit delay till it hits the cap. But with barrage support it's a different story now. The gif at the start pretty much explains it all.

Also, with +1/+2 arrows. your GMP can be replaced with LMP. That's also a significant damage boost for your mapping 6L.


Current Gear of Mine

Plus one rare jewel with 3 crit multi mods

What can be replaced and what mods we should be looking for on rares



Any Frostferno with single corruption implicit works just as good.
It's a trading-off of roughly 15% dmg on single target. But the average price is only at 10% of the double corrupted version.

Body armor

(Please ignore the implicit affixes)
+Permanent power & fenzy charges, which means more dps on poe.ninja kek
+More gem sockets
-Trading of 12% eHP


+48% lightning to cold on 20% quality. It's roughly 20% more damage from damage conversion.
-Trading off a lot resistance compared to The Taming.

Or any other rare ring you think would fit in this build.


HH is totally unnecessary. It's no better than a white belt in most boss fights.

This is something you should be looking for.
Decent ele damage + decent res + flat life
Maybe some extra str or int support for your Kaom's Heart or blue skill gems.


Atziri's Acuity is more or less another piece of gear for pure QoL purpose.
It's also not necessary, can be replaced with any rare too.

These sample gloves were crafted back in Legion. It's no longer craftable in meta league due to the multimod change. But you got the idea. There's a lot damage you can get from a pair of gloves, especially with newly added influence type in 3.9


Bottled Faith

2.Rare mods guide


Either purchasing from the market or crafting by yourself. It has become heavy RNG determined.
I can only tell you what mods are good for your bow. There's no longer a "standard crafting base" for ele hit. You should pretty much stay with what you can get atm.

So if you're looking for a 3-affix base for multicrafting.

Useful prefixes
*Elemental damage with attack skills
*Elemental pen (Shaper's)
*Fire pen (Warlord's/Essence)
*Flat fire damage (T1/Essence/incursion)

Useful suffixes
*Attack speed/Attack speed & chance of double damage
*Additional arrow
*Crit multi
*Crit chance(if you're not taking Overwhelm ascendancy)

Make sure your base has no less than 2 useful prefixes.
Something like this wont work.

Because there's only one useful prefix you can get at the bench, which is ele pen.


+1 arrow base

Additionally, if you're not wearing furry's fur. You'd better leave a slot for crit chance & frenzy charge on crit. It's so useful in boss encounters.


Assassin's mark curse on hit.


Sample character at poe.ninja:

PoB code
https://pastebin.com/n4BD26VR(HH version)
https://pastebin.com/fKzZwqCg(non-HH version)

*about my PoB code

It's based on the codes from poe.ninja.
Checked frenzy charge for quiver mod,
Corrected barrage support calculation on the helm.
Added 25% more damage on the jewel for 20% cull ascendancy
A non-HH version with sample belt & gloves has been added.

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path of building?
BlackSpite wrote:
path of building?

Done editing :)
ascendancy tree order?
nice frostferno dude

i can just get one like this

asking for 1 or 2 ex for a single craft?

i'm gonna end this man's whole career

Free crafting : https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2547154

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That pastebin is full of shit bro, we all know elemental hit is ded
xPhilz wrote:
nice frostferno dude

i can just get one like this


It was on PoB, not me. Without the fix PoB will only show the dps as if there was only 1 shot per barrage. Dig a little bit further before you post your silly meme here.

A totally underrated gem. My guess is because poe.ninja wont calculate its damage boost correctly...

I've clearly pointed out that PoB wouldnt calculate barrage right and even made a disclaimer at the end. You really should have read the actual article before you started shitting on my post.
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