Good build to do 14+ bligthed maps?

Hello there!

Sorry if it's in wrong section.

I'm nearly done with the league and don't want to quit just yet.
Thinking about making character just for high tier blighted maps for profit.

Currently playing mana guardian and it's really good for bossing and general mapping, but when it comes to blighted maps minions feels clunky at best.

Any suggestions?
Last bumped on Jan 14, 2020, 8:33:11 PM
Anything minion.
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Icicle mines, arc mines, cobra lash poisoner with extra chains makes it a joke, minions, toxic rain is ok if you have some speed.

Unfortunately, the current mechanic requires tankyness, but you need almost none for blight.

The overlap is... minions.
basically, anything that is well done. Last season I was able to do blighted maps without any towers with 100% non-meta flamethrower trap elementalist
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Not sure why your minions feel clunky - they should do fine. But if you want to try something else, a Sabo miner might feel better.

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