White Dragon Pet 3.9.2 (Playstation)

My partner has the White Dragon Pet, since update tonight, it's now a Black pet with a white glow.
Last bumped on Jan 15, 2020, 10:02:47 AM
Me ti same bug -.-"
I hate this color
Thanks for your reports.

We're looking into this now. Sorry about that!
I have the exact same visual bug on Xbox.

The description of the white dragon pet is still "White Dragon Pet", the pet icon in the cosmetic tab still shows the white dragon (pet). But since the latest patch was introduced, it's kind of like the black dragon pet with a shiny white effect that looks as if the body of the pet was imbued with a white lighting like effect.

I hope that the following game clip can help you guys:

By the way @Adam_GGG, you guys might want to update your Known Issues / FAQ section about submitting clips from an Xbox One. Microsoft doesn't feature the direct share / upload to YouTube option anymore (feature was removed February 2019). The only option to upload game clips to YouTube is by installing the Xbox app on your phone -> share clip -> YouTube.
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