Revenant Wings "An unexpected problem has occurred"

I purchased a support pack for the PS4 version of POE on Saturday, January 11th, with the intent of using points to buy the Revenant Wings. Each time I attempt to purchase them I repeatedly get the message "An unexpected problem has occurred". I gave it a day and tried it again on Sunday, January 12th and I am having the same issue. I currently have 250 points and the wings are listed as selling for 190.

Can you assist with this issue please? I have two different PS4 systems with the game loaded in our home and I have tried on both systems and issue happens on both.

I have also taken screenshots and can submit/e-mail if necessary.
Last bumped on Jan 13, 2020, 9:51:20 PM
Same is happening to me with nebula hideout. I contacted support and they are assisting me. I’m waiting for them to get back with me. They told me to try another character, and another transaction. I got a portal I wanted, and it worked. The nebula still wouldnt sell to me on my other characters. Weird. I’m kind of happy others are having an issue, and it’s not just my system. I deleted and reinstalled Poe, and same thing. So, I suggest you contact support like I did, and have them help directly. I’m sure a patch is in order
Same for me, I think actually we don’t have the patch with die wings and hideout.

@jeff_ggg we need help 😂
Im having the same issue trying to buy the sunprism cat pet.

These issues have been resolved.

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