Hard Craft Softcore SSF

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want to try
If we don't recruit 20 people, I can recreate a league with 10 people for 10 days.

I ask you to help with points, at least 10. (total 120)
I wouldn't mind but why not have a small trading league - it would make it more of a team environment and a reason to be in a private league. I mean we can all do SSF if we want to in the game if we are so inclined.

Have everyone pick a different build and spread the wealth depending on the drops. Also, if you are inclined to do some group stuff it is an option.

recreated for 10 ppl 10 days - removed res -40 %
Hi! i would like to join this league, thanks in advance.
total 10 ppl in, please Crowdfund for 10+ points to play, thank you
if u donate 10+ point, league start soon - pm me if u want play and donate
Damn if it was HC trade league id definitely donate and enjoy the league
Like a little nolube :)
Gl though!

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