[XB1X] game crashes when loading in character

Every time I try to load into the game it stays on the loading screen freezes and crashes 100% of the time. I use to be able to create a new character load up and switch to my main but even that no longer is working has been this way for servers weeks any chance this will be fixed this league (or future leagues) or should I just move on?
Last bumped on Jan 9, 2020, 6:57:40 PM
Have you tried selecting another gateway?
If this hasn't worked, have you tried re-installing?
The gateway is on auto I have tried manually selecting one but have gotten the same results. I have reinstalled the game a couples time over the past two weeks to try to fix it but that hasn’t worked. I will try to select a gateway and see if it works and reply again.
I have tried manually select servers and it still crashes with a "unexpected disconnection" hopefully this can get fixed or perhaps another idea to help. i appreciate your response to this post but really just want to play the game. i can get it to load a new character but not my current metamorph league character.
Is there anything else I can try or am I waiting for a fix?
SynisterBeard wrote:
Is there anything else I can try or am I waiting for a fix?
I've sent you a PM with further info.

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