☠♚ ⇺ Service Sirus:1500+Kills/Uber Elder/Elder/Cortex ⇻ ♚☠ NecroQueen

Nice and fast kill on Sirius A8, what more can you ask for
Quick clean kill for Sirus A5
Easy and safe, did it with me in the zone!

very fast and reliable

Thumbs up!
Fast and safe A8 Sirus. Recommend.
fast an quick carry!
asking for 1 or 2 ex for a single craft?

i'm gonna end this man's whole career

Free crafting : https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2547154
Quick and trusty service.
This guy did amazing! Fast, even help me get the kill ach. Droped an awaken orb, a new skill gem, and a waystone. Great run. Will use again. Thanks !
super quick. Great job, thanks!
nice fast and clean.

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