Doing free Sirus carries! You keep all the loot!

Whisper me the following message if you’re interested:
@Loreleyyy Hi, I want you to kill Sirus for me!

Stay Frosty, Exiles!

FREE SIRUS KILL SERVICE NOW! You keep all the loot! w/ me or visit my thread: 2725298 (150+ KILLS)

I'll sometimes stream the kills depending on the hour and how I feel: https://www.twitch.tv/merafeno
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Last bumped on Jan 25, 2020, 1:56:36 PM
Nice guy helped me kill Sirus, Thanks!
help me with the sirus boss kill!

thanks alot for your help really appreciate it!!!
great guy with fast sirus kill
Very kind and reliable
Great Service !
Helped me, many thanks!
killed my sirus no prb there. deathless
[Removed by Support]
IGN: Phra
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Very smart guy. Helped me out with no Problems

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