Deathmark : Chains of command conflict with animate guardian

Problem :

I got Deathmark support on the unique item Chains of command (for the animated weapon gem build in), and it seem to also effect an animate guardian gem on an another item ( support with the gem support Meat shield but i guess it's not really relevent )

What is expected :

Deathmark support : "Causing all minions from skills supported by any deathmark support to target that enemy"

It shouldn't be able to affect an unsupported minion spell on an another item

Step to reproduce :

Use an animate guardian (with meat shield) on any item other then Chains of command.
Use Chains of command with deathmark socketed it.
Let the animate guardian kill stuff so the Chains of command effect trigger ( summon an animate weapon )
Use Deathmark on a distant enemy.

The animated weapon will chase the target as expected, but the animate guardian will follow too (it's easy to see since the animate guardian stay close with meat shield support normally)

I hope it's not a mess to read lol
Last bumped on Feb 10, 2020, 5:56:25 PM
Bump: I'd like to corroborate that I've also noticed this behaviour.
Confirmed. And after more testing, deathmark will make animated guardian attack the marked target regardless if Chains of Commmand is used or not.
The Animated Guardian is a general following minion. Default behaviour for any following minion is that they draw aggro around you if you've moved recently, or around where you last targeted any skill.

Using Deathmark is still using a skill, which inhernetly sets all your following minions to draw aggro from where you target - this is intended, and targeting skills to direct minions has been a thing for a long time. The difference is that if you then move sufficiently far away or target a different skill somewhere else, the guardian will then follow that, while the actual deathmark-supported minions will not, because the Deathmark forces them to stay on the ones that specific skill was used on.

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